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Tantra & You

Among all the spiritualists, Tantra or Black Magic has always been a disputed knowledge. The philosophy of an ordinary person about Tantra are not worthy to mention as this knowledge of power has been misused very much and formed as a evil science.

Today, Tantra is a wrongly treated knowledge. The person who performs ritual of Tantra or Black Magic may harm you just because of a small amount of money or jealousy or enmity. Whatever is the reason, but Tantra leaves several kinds of bad and good effects on us.

A person who performs black magic is called Tantrik and he can harm or hurt another person by performing particular acts even at a far away place. The reasons which lead the practice of Tantra may by jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other's happiness & growth.

There are several types of Tantra and each of them is used to realise a specific mean. Broadly, there are seven types of Tantra which have following details:

  • Maran - Killing

There are two types of a Killing Tantra – premature death and death by prolonged illness. Both types of Killing Tantras can cause death at their end. Another type of Maran or Killing Tantra is Kundala which is performed by a tribal tantrik. In this method, a cloth made effigy is used on the name of the person to which tantrik wants to kill. However, it differs to Shoolan where an effigy is stuck with pins for performing the act.

If you feel that you are losing your energy without any reason or a never ending sequence of illnesses is affecting your life then you may be suffering from Maran or Killing Tantra. To bar the force of such Black Magic, we provide you a special Shatru Sangharak & Tantra Raksha Kavach. The Kavach we provide you is capable of removing / barring all kinds of Maran Tantras as well as blesses you with a long and happy life.

Maran Tantra, Killing Tantra


  • Viduyeshan - Separation

Another type of Tantra is Vidweshan or separation which is used to create differences between friends, husband & wife or family members. Persons affected from this tantra become enemies of each other. And if not treated by specialist tantrik then this tantra lead huger estrangement among the affected.

If you also feel some effects of vidweshan black magic in your life then Guru Ji at Kaljayi is only specialist who can provide you specific solution which will again make your relationship normal. Guru Ji provides you a special Navarna Yantra which you can put at your home. Once, this Yantra is established at your home, its divine power removes / bars all negative forces which are creating separation among persons that isin fact the result of Vidweshan Black Magic.


  • Uchchatan - Mind Swapping 

Mind Swapping is all about creating a huge disturbance among the life of people. A person suffering from uchchatan black magic never feels rest in its life. Doubt, mental disequilibrium, fear, delusion and uncertainty are some symptoms of the person suffering from mind swapping black magic. Suffering person starts chattering without any reason. This person always stays restless. And at the end of this Tantra, suffering person is considered a mad by his family, friends as well as society.

This type of Tantra is known as one of the danger Tantras as suffering person loses all his mental control and can harm others as well. We at Kaljayi provide you Haridra Ganpati Tantra Raksha Kavach that is prepared through performing toughest discipline & rituals of Tantra. Wearing this Kavach can remove / bar all the effect of uchchatan or mind swapping black magic.


  • Vashikarna - Subjugation 

The word Vashikaran is driven from Sanskrit that means to attract the desired person and bring him or her under your control. A person, to which vashikaran or subjugation black magic is applied, loses all his control. Now, the tantrik, who does subjugation black magic, holds the entire control. Tantrik can force to suffering person to behave according to his /her desires. Suffering person never knows what he is doing because his / her consciousness is controlled by the Tantrik.

We at Kaljayi Institution provide you Tara Kavach that is considered as one of the most powerful Tantra Kavachs among all. We provide this kavach after performing toughest discipline and rituals. Once, this Kavach is worn, the suffering person gets back his / her entire conciseness which has been captured by the force of vashikaran tantra or subjugation black magic.


  • Sthambhan - Interception 

Sthambhan is one of the hugely exercised Tantra. You can stop your enemy or opponent from through sthambhan tantra or interception black magictroubling or harming you . Use of interception tantra can stop and control activity or progress of others. If you are taking part in competitions then force of interception black magic can deliver the decision of others in your favour.

We at Kaljayi offer you Kalratri Brahmastra Sadhana Yantra as well as perform Kalratri Brahmastra Sadhana Rituals through which your enemies are stopped. You can also receive a vast victory over court case, election, and many other competitions. If you are a business man, then you should establish our Kalratri Brahmastra Sadhana Yantra in you shops or office. You start receiving unbelievable growth in you business after establishing this yantra in your work area.


  • Sammohan - Hypnotism 

Sammohan or hypnotism is another branch of Tantra that is used to attract other persons. A good hypnotist can easily perform hypnotism to attract others. It is found in many cases that an expert hypnotist can hypnotise the whole crowd in a meeting if he wants to do so. Some businessmen also take help of Sammohan Tantra for attracting their customers.

If you also want to attract people or your customers, then you can contact us. We provide you Invoked Sindur (Vermillion) which you can use to hypnotise others.


  • Shoolan - Voodoo 

Shoolan or Voodoo is one of the most painful black magic as person affected from this act feels that thousands of pins have been stuck in his body. In this Tantra, Tantrik uses clothes or soil touched by foot of his enemy. He makes a doll of that clothes or soil and performs the shoolan tantra by considering that doll as his enemy. After that, hundreds of invoked pins are stuck in this doll one by one. As long as tantrik keeps on sticking the invoked pins in the doll, the person feels pain. He can keep on this Tantra until the sufferer dies.

Black Magicians perform such Tantra to make suffer his enemies. People who want to learn or know more about this magic, can contact Kaljayi Institution. We also provide a powerful Pashupati Kavach to remove / bar the effect of this Tantra. This Kavach is extremely powerful and capable of removing all the painful effects of Voodoo or Shoolan Tantra.